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Racing Limits

Category: Races #In Russian #For a tablet #Hacked games #Without cache
Requirements: Android 4.x
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Date: 06-01-2022


Racing Limits is a regular race that is fun to play, there is a mod for infinite money and a VIP account in which all cars are open. In the game you will be able to play in one of the modes to choose from a total of 5 modes and this is a fast race, a race against time, endless riding, an open world and a game mode over the Internet with other players.

As for the complexity of the game, then the choice remains for the user of the game, for example, he can choose a two-way or one-way lane. You can also choose to play at night, during the day or at a beautiful sunset.

Download Racing Limits hacking

There are no restrictions in limited races on Android, there are only your driving skills, on which your success in passing the game depends. Only your reaction to the steering wheel and the gas pedal will be able to bring you to the finish line!

Features of the game:
  • The ability to change the camera and make it from the hood, from the helicopter, from the back, from the cabin;
  • Simple controls that are quick to learn;
  • The graphics are at the level, you can look at the photos from the game;
  • Motor, brakes, gearbox in general, full auto setup;
  • Frequent events and races with prizes online.
  • Russian and English, as well as 4 more pcs.

You can download the game from our website for free, then install Racing Limits on Android and start playing. The game can also be downloaded from the off app store. Have a nice race!