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Grow Castle - Tower Defense

Category: Strategies #Offline games #Tablet #Mod #Without cache
Requirements: Android 5
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Date: 23-10-2022


Grow Castle - Tower Defense: a new defense game in a hacked form where there is a lot of money and a mod menu. In the game Grow Castle you have to defend your castle from enemy attacks, as in all modern TD games . We offer a modified version of the game where you can destroy the enemy with a single blow or use the god mode.

Gameplay of the game:

Grow Castle - Tower Defense

Everything is simple and clear here, build a castle and fight off enemies. As you progress, upgrade your characters and, first of all, archers so that they shoot further from the castle.

Features in the game:

  • More than 120 unique heroes with unique abilities;
  • A unique strategy game, so how will you come up with it;
  • The opportunity to build your own castle and promote the hero;
  • A system of teams, guilds online, as well as a rating table.

Download Grow Castle - Tower Defense

Grow Castle - Tower Defense

It's not strange to download the game Grow Castle for Android from our website for free, follow the links below that will transfer you to the file!

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  • Updated: 23-10-2022, 22:27 - v1.37.11

v1.37.7 - добавлен новый мод, где деньги увеличиваться при их тратах!

v1.37.11 - обновленная версия игры, мод на много денег.