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Super Sus (Mod-Menu)

Category: Adventures #Casual #Simulators #Rus #Without cache #Mod
Requirements: Android 5
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Date: 18-11-2022


Super Sus (Mod-Menu): a new social game similar to Among Us that you can play with your friends online or with other players from around the world. This version is a hacked apk and therefore you can reveal the map in the game and so on. The essence of the game is to become a crew member and prevent the crash of a spaceship, as well as to exterminate all the members on board.

Game Features:

  • The game combines Mafia, Among Us and squid game;
  • Excellent, bright graphics;
  • Availability of the Russian language.

Download Super Sus - Who is the Traitor

As always, you can download the game for free and only from our website! To download, just follow the links below and remember that only on the most new Android games for free , without registration.

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  • Updated: 18-11-2022, 16:15 - v1.35.16.031

v1.33.9.061 - новая карта, здания, а также новые функции и многое другое можно найти в обновлённой версии игры!

v1.33.9.112 - новая карта КРАКЕНБУРГ, дополнительная функция "Ваша Фальшивая Роль"!

v1.34.14.032 - добавлена новая роль предателя (дементор, ниндзя). Добавлены новые события, новые услуги, оптимизация, исправление ошибок и конечно взломанная версия игры!

v1.34.14.121 - добавлено много нового и исправлены ошибки, обновляйтесь!

v1.35.16.031 - новая роль в виде самурая, обновлены карты и многое другое!