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Постер Download Postal for Android

Download Postal for Android

Category: Arcades #Survival #For a tablet #Without cache
Requirements: Android 4.x
Views: 55 984
Date: 10-08-2021


Here it is for sure the long-awaited for many Postal on Android, it is certainly not a port from a PC, but still a decent game.

In the game you have to take control of a crazy postman who is trying to survive in a world that has gone crazy in all ways! The game itself is a classic shooter with a top view, yes, from above, not like in the PC version from the first person.

< p>Probably, the main attraction of the game Postal for players is that in the game you can do almost anything your heart desires, namely, destroy passers-by in the most unusual ways, for example, fry a crowd of passers-by with a flamethrower or throw a molotov cocktail into cars so that they explode.

Bottom line, the game Postal on Android is certainly not a super 3D hit with awesome graphics, but still it is very interesting to play it, especially if you have played the game on a regular computer.