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Fanwars: The Battle for the District

Category: Strategies #Rus #Tablet #Without cache
Requirements: Android 8.x
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Date: 19-10-2022


Fanwars: The Battle for the district (Near Football) – a very interesting tactical KKI game in Russian, where you can fight with real people in the doorways of the district, or you can just go through a single company and reach the bosses to overthrow them from the throne of the leaders of the district! Participate with real people in arena fights, tournaments and clan wars.

To complete the game, you will need to assemble a tactical team from a collection of cards with heroes, and then fight in the global 5 vs 5 mode for the area! Earn experience, upgrade heroes, catalyze and collect fighters!

Okolofutbola: the battle for the district

Not every game like "Fanwars: Battle for the district" can boast such a large abundance of Russian characters with whom it will be very interesting to play. Each character has its own unique abilities, for example, someone can act as a tank and rush into the crowd to break through, and someone fights well and can take out 1 on 1 anyone for the district! As in the best MMORPG in the game, you will find a sufficient number of various weapons, as well as items that change the course of the game!

Of course, it is worth noting an online game where you can play with your friends online!

Download Fanwars: The Battle for the District

As a result, we have an excellent card game in Russian that will be interesting to play for all fans of this genre, start your adventure with Fanwars now for free and join the main groups of the game. To start playing (Near Football), you just need to download Fanwars: Battle for the District on Android for free from our server!