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To the Moon

Category: Role-playing RPGs #Rus #Tablet #Mod #Without cache
Requirements: Android 4.x
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Date: 23-10-2022


To the Moon – a very touching game about two doctors who travel through memories and try to fulfill the dream of their patient who is dying! The game has pixel graphics and looks like a whole movie because of its plot, and in general the game can be completed in a few hours. There are no battles and stress scenes in the game, the story is very detailed in the game with touching music that allows you to think about life.

The gameplay of the game is very simple you play as two doctors named Watty and Rosalie, they have a very unusual job they can give their patients one last chance to live their lives anew, but only in their minds. Due to the difficulties in the operation, a new life will be the last thing the dying patient will remember. Therefore, this procedure is only for those who take care, who cannot fulfill their last wish and, for example, go to the moon!

And as strange as it is in this game To the Moon, you will fulfill the dream of an old man named Johnny, you will restore his life in memories by the smallest particles, as the process progresses, you will wonder why the old man chose this particular desire.

Features in the game:

  • Unique gameplay;
  • Touching music;
  • The game is completely in Russian.

Download To the Moon

As a result, we have the heaviest and most touching game at the moment, which can only be downloaded To the Moon on Android. Already now you can download the game for free from our server – the full version. Have a nice game!