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Despotism 3k (Full)

Category: Strategies #Offline games #Puzzles #Tablet #Without cache #Rus
Requirements: Android 4.x
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Date: 24-10-2022


Despotism 3k (Full) – we waited for artificial intelligence to take over humanity, but we are free and on the right side of AI. In the game you have to manipulate pathetic people to get the energy we need to work and create an empire. It is necessary to constantly maintain the life of the little men so that they do not die and work on AI, for this you have to feed and water them, of course the weakest can be shoved into a bioreactor. As you understand, this is a game with black humor, which not every gamer will understand!

Features in the game:

  • A very difficult passing game;
  • Random event generation;
  • Quick decision making;
  • Good graphics and unique gameplay;
  • Black humor is not for the faint of heart.

The main gameplay is the usual dragging of people from one place to another, in one place a person will rest and eat, and in another work to generate energy. It is necessary to think carefully about the strategy in order to automate the extraction of energy as much as possible.

Download Despotism 3k

As a result, we have the slavery of people, in which the computer is the main one – this is the distant future, which may not be far off. To start playing now, it's enough to download Despotism 3k for Android for free.