Despot's Game (Full)

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Despot's Game (Full)

Despot's Game (Full) is a game in which the computer offers you a few pathetic people with whom you have to go through a complex maze developed by artificial intelligence (AI). Unfortunately, you will not be able to control people in battle, only direct them, but they will fight automatically. In the game Despots Game, little depends on you and it's easier to pray to the god of randomness to win this battle.

What can I do in the game:

  • You can buy weapons for little men: swords, pistols, crossbows;
  • You can pump your people with a mutational pathogen;
  • The full unlocked version is coming soon;
  • There's a lot more you can do in the game!

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As a result, we have a very interesting roguelike in which the whole world in which you play is generated automatically and depends only on your actions. It is worth noting that the game provides multiplayer which will become available after completing the game!

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