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Dr. Livesey: The Pirate Game

Category: Action #Adventures #Rus #Tablet
Requirements: Android 5
Views: 222
Date: 27-10-2022


Dr. Livesey: The Pirate Game is a game in which you will play as Dr. Livesey, who has a treasure map stolen from him and now you have to find it! Your loyal friends, Jimmy and Trelawney, will help you in your search. Go into the jungle in search of a treasure map now, help your hero! Protect the characters throughout the game so that zombies and other popular characters don't get to them!

In the game you will be able to pump your weapons, use magic potions, improve the health of your hero by taking medicine and much more. The features include very beautiful 2D graphics, on which a lot of dynamic actions will take place, and of course there is a storyline and cool music in the game!

From weapons at your disposal will be a bow, a pirate saber, a musket and a blunderbuss, you can treat the doctor's health using potions and protect from enemies with a shield. If you like pirate themes, then you will definitely like this game. This is a wonderful game with a pirate adventure and an interesting story. Download Dr. Livesey: Pirate Game for Android now from our server for free!