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Warfield 2: modern war

Category: Role-playing RPGs #Offline games #Tablet #Rus #Mod #Without cache
Requirements: Android 6.x
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Date: 30-10-2022


Warfield 2: modern war is a new military game in a modern style in which you will play as a soldier of an elite special forces unit. In the game you will be able to fly planes and all military aircraft carriers in order to perform your tasks! You can also be a tank commander and control an entire squad for an offensive operation against potential enemies.

Since this is a real modern game, you must dominate everything to win, you must have the best weapons, equipment and so on - it will be a very hard battle!

Transport equipment in the game has been implemented a lot - it's tanks, planes and more! You will have the opportunity to operate Su33, F18, as well as guns and missiles Btr 25, M1a2 and so on.

Download Battlefield 2

Bottom line, you can download a new game where you can play as a modern soldier and play modern warfare with new equipment and other gimmicks. To start playing, just download the game Battlefield 2 on Android for free from our website! It is worth noting that on our website you can download the game for free and not pay a cent!