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Category: Action #Tablet #Rus #Without cache
Requirements: Android 4.x
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Date: 03-11-2022


WISE OAK ATTACKS – a game in which you have to survive in the first person, the story is that you find yourself in a mysterious forest where danger is everywhere, doge trees look at you somehow askance and all live oaks are valid! Can you survive in this forest!

At the very beginning of the game you will find yourself in the middle of the forest and you immediately need to start collecting equipment and weapons to take out the ominous oaks! At the time of the gathering, you may already be attacked by trees that can strike you at a distance and shoot at you with something. Try

to dodge the blows and let yourself be beaten.

In the game you have to hold out as long as possible and not let the oak offend you, but shoot him with a machine gun if he even wants to look at you!

Download wise oak attacks

As a result, we have quite a fun game where the role of your opponent will be an oak made of wood. To start playing, just download the game from our website! The game has a fairly large selection of weapons, simple graphics, easy controls and several types of opponents including oak.