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Постер Pixel Gun 3D (Mod, Unlimited Ammo, Anti Ban)

Pixel Gun 3D (Mod, Unlimited Ammo, Anti Ban)

Category: Shooting games #Survival #Tablet #Rus #Mod
Requirements: Android 3.x
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Date: 17-11-2022


Pixel Gun 3D (Mod, Unlimited Ammo, Anti Ban) is a game that combines two genres and styles at once, Minecraft sandbox and Counter Strike shooter.

From Minecraft the design is taken, everything is done in a square style, and the gameplay is from the Counter! In the game you will be able to fight in real time, whether with friends or players from all over the world. Create your own unique character and go to the battlefield! The good thing about the game Pixel Gun 3D is that there are a huge number of game modes in it, and we will write about them now.

Multiplayer – in it you can play online, use various weapons, all kinds of magic wands, rifles, etc.
Company – in this mode you find yourself in a terrible situation, your farm is being attacked by zombies, and they are not only at the entrance to the house, they are everywhere! You have to find out the cause of the zombie apocalypse and solve the mystery of the game.

Survival – This game mode will test you to the fullest and test your survival skills. There will be a huge number of monster attacks and you have to destroy them all.

Of the features in the game:
  • More than a hundred types of weapons, for every taste and color;
  • More than 30 locations, maps;
  • Real communication with players around the world, chat;
  • Lots of game modes, for free;
  • Gorgeous HD graphics on tablets and phones;
  • Amazing sound effects.

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In general, the game Pixel Gun 3D (Pocket Edition) for Android is a cool addition to Minecraft and all sandbox lovers. Full Name Pixel Gun 3D: Survival shooter & Battle Royal

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  • Updated: 17-11-2022, 14:11 - v22.8.4

Версия 11.3.1 - новая карта, новое оружие, новые домашние животные и новый гаджет. Также улучшен шрифт, игровой баланс и исправлены баги.

Новое в 21.0.1: Свободный Режим. Отряды и доработки карты, улучшены настройки приватных игр, карта Асгард!

v22.5.1 - добавлены новые скины, оружие и многое другое.

Установите патч, чтобы получить мод-меню и получить еще больше возможностей!

v22.7.1 - новая тайна про волшебный замок, сезон школы и магии, добавлен фургон, арсенал и многое другое + мод на патроны и анти-бан!

v22.8.4 - новое, космическое обновление, улучшен черный рынок и оптимизация всей игры!