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Codex of Victory (Full)

Category: Strategies #Offline games #Tablet #Without cache
Requirements: Android 4.x
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Date: 07-11-2022


Codex of Victory (Full) is another strategy in which you will have to join the storyline company for a single game and build your own army consisting of tanks, unmanned vehicles and even robots!

The game offers gamers a fairly extensive company for the construction of their own military base in real time, global step-by-step strategic planning. You will be able to travel between planets and territories, complete tasks, fight enemies and free ordinary people from captivity.

As you progress, you will collect blueprints, build factories, workshops, laboratories, research centers and other facilities to prepare for the upcoming battles.

As a result, we can say about the game that it is a turn-based tactical game with a storyline and the construction of a base in real time. To start playing now, just download Codex of Victory for Android for free.