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  • Android Version: 5.0
  • Current version: 1.13
  • Size: 150.91 Mb

Five Nights with Cheburashka (Recoded)  – well, we got to the main villain cheburashka and created a game similar to the popular horror FNAF! In the game you will play as an observer who is in the room all alone. Mechanics and the principle of the game is no different from FNAF, you also watch everything that happens on the territory of a certain building through the cameras.

Using cameras and a monitor in your room, you will watch the monsters that mix around the building, and they are constantly trying to get into your room. You, in turn, need to interfere with them in every possible way and not let them get to you. To do this, you need to constantly monitor the corridors and other rooms where they are located, the closer to you, the more dangerous. If you suddenly see someone approaching you, then you should immediately react and slam the door and turn off the light!

Features in the game:

  • There are a lot of familiar and creepy characters gene, mouse, monkey;
  • Good graphics and scary atmosphere in the game;
  • Very simple control of cheburashka;
  • For more horror effect, put on headphones.

Unfortunately, the supply of electricity is limited in your building, and the generator is not eternal and the light can go out at any moment. You will have to find a flashlight and batteries for it to constantly monitor the door to the room and the life of Cheburashka. Try to make as little noise as possible and move quietly around the building so that the monsters don't get you! It is worth noting that among the villains you can see very familiar characters, so the game five nights with Cheburashka on Android should please you!

Five Nights with Cheburashka: Recoded

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