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Unreal Chemist - Chemistry Lab (Premium)

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Requirements: Android 6.x
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Date: 12-11-2022


Unreal Chemist - Chemistry Lab (Premium) – this is the full version of the game where all chemical elements and objects are open. In the game, chemical reactions can be carried out digitally, with the help of the Unreal Chemist program, you visually simulate a chemical reaction without environmental hazards in your mobile phone.

In the program, you will be able to mix various chemicals to see how they react to each other, to look at the reaction, the rate of release of various reagents, and so on. It's quite simple to play with the Unreal Chemist program, but the graphics are really done at a height, you can see the exact color change, the selection of other elements and the like in real time.

Features of Unreal Chemist (full version);

  • More than 170 chemicals;
  • More than 800 real, simulated experiments;
  • The concentration of reagents can be adjusted;
  • The heating temperature can be adjusted;
  • Checking and changing the PH;
  • You can ignite flammable gases.

Download Unreal Chemist - Chemistry Lab

As a result, we have on the one hand a game in which you can do various experiments for fun, and on the other hand a useful program where you can do homework safely if you are studying to be a chemist. All science fans will definitely like this application.