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Plus City Simulator From Yandex

Category: Simulators #Tablet #Rus #Without cache
Requirements: Android 8.x
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Date: 24-11-2022


Plus City Simulator from Yandex is a really useful game from Yandex, in which you can earn real "PLUS" points and spend them in real life, not virtual! The game is a typical company in which you need to build a city, and then fill it with unusual objects and characters, after which you can collect pluses in the city!

In the game Plus a Sieve, you can:

  • Play mini-games of different genres, for example three in a row, solve puzzles and perform mindfulness tests, complete quests;
  • You will have to help the residents of your city;
  • You will receive points for using music, taxi and watching movies;
  • You will be able to decorate your city at your discretion.

Download Plus City City Simulator

In principle, this is where all the features of the game end, one has only to add the fact that 1 point is one ruble. It is also worth clarifying that Yandex Plus is a paid subscription, which includes various services such as taxi, movie search, audiobooks, podcasts, music and other third—party services, as well as internal Yandex. You can always disable the subscription in the Yandex account settings.

You can download the Plus City game for Android right now from our website for free to your phone, so start deciding and thinking about how your Fpga city will look like!

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  • Updated: 24-11-2022, 04:16 - v1.3.0

v1.2.1 - изменения не известны, но мы рекомендуем обновиться незамедлительно!