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Build a Bridge! (Mod, Unlimited Coins/Unlocked)

Category: Puzzles #Casual #Offline games #Rus #Mod #Without cache #Tablet
Requirements: Android 5
Views: 151
Date: 19-11-2022


Build a Bridge! (Mod, Unlimited Coins/Unlocked) is an engineering application where you can build your own bridge. First of all, you will have to construct a bridge, so that it does not fall apart under its weight, not to mention launching vehicles on it.

In the game you will have many levels in which you need to build different bridges and for different tasks, for example, you will need to build a bridge for trucks or monster trucks, for this you need completely different bridges and structures.

Game Features:

  • A huge amount of materials for the construction of the bridge;
  • More than 85 levels with different difficulty puzzles;
  • Real game physics;
  • A lot of equipment for testing the bridge;
  • Availability of the Russian language.

Download Build a Bridge!

Upon completion of the bridge construction, you should have a bridge that will withstand the tasks assigned to it, you can run the equipment over the bridge to test. If the bridge turns out to be weak, then it will collapse spectacularly, and if not, then you will earn money and go to the next level!