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Ranobe (RanobeLib)

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Requirements: Android 5
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Date: 23-11-2022


Ranobe – Today I want to introduce you to a new application that includes Japanese books of popular literary genre from science fiction and romance novels to horror films. This application was compiled from the popular web portal RanobeLib. The main difference between "ranobe" and classical genres is mainly a fantasy plot, an abundant number of dialogues, illustrations as in comics, anime or mangalib. This genre of books is liked exclusively by the teenage youth generation!

Ranobe (RanobeLib)

Many might have thought that the genre of "ranobe" is quite new, but no, it turns out that it gained wide popularity in Japan back in the 1980s. The publishing house was constantly searching for authors of books, and each author had the opportunity to receive awards, as well as the opportunity to publish books in the catalog for free. One of these publications was "Dengeki sessetsu taisho", which annually organized contests for authors, in which more than 2000 people took part. The number of translations was insignificant due to low demand, but thanks to projects like RanobeLib we got the Russian version. Of course, before "Manga" by the number of readers is still far enough.

Download Ranobe

So, you can support this genre and download a pocket mobile application for your phone, which contains thousands of "ranobe" books, volumes and chapters. We hope our application will come to you, have fun reading!