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  • Android Version: 5.0
  • Current version: 5.7.18
  • Size: 64.17 Mb
  • Link to Google Play: open

Getcontact Premium is a mobile application that will help you cope with unwanted calls (spam) on your mobile phone. The Getcontact Premium application is a win-win tool against scammers who call around the clock and offer you their non-existing services for real money (do not tell your personal data and plastic card data by phone when and to whom). The unique program instantly detects the number of the fraudster that other users have already complained about and instantly blocks it. A competent tool is always useful in a mobile phone and GetContact is such a solution for unwanted calls. It is also worth noting that the application has a function for blocking unwanted numbers, which gives you the opportunity to customize your contact list!

A modified mobile application with Premium features will allow you to get rid of phone scammers and pestering robots or air sellers once and for all. Such personnel are often aimed at deceiving you by posing as managers or technical support of banks and other organizations where there is money.

Now unwanted calls won't spoil your mood or wake up the phone at the most inopportune moment, be sure that if the phone rings and there is an unknown number, then it may be an important call, for example delivery. Now all unwanted subscribers go to the eternal ban!

The new version of the useful tool "Getcontact" will always come to the rescue and will determine even the number that is not in your notebook and will determine it. Now you will always know who is calling you from which company or office, no matter the mobile application will identify it and check it against thousands of databases and give you the name of the organization or the name of the caller.

Additional functions:

  • Getcontact: Messenger is a special add–on/function that allows you to communicate with your contacts and other friends you have added from inside the application. Share photos and even video files.
  • Caller ID and spam blocking – allows you to find out the caller's identity with a high probability, even if the phone number is not in your address book. This is a kind of annoying call filter and spam blocker!

As a result, we recommend all users who are tired of spam calls to install a mobile application and forget once and for all about the spoiled mood!

GetContact Premium

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