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Download ES Explorer Pro for Android for free

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Requirements: Android 2.3.x
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Date: 30-08-2021


ES Explorer Pro - is the best program for a detailed study of your phone or tablet file system. The program allows you to instantly find all apk, rar, zip and other files without searching through folders. Thanks to frequent updates, new versions are always released with additional functionality in the form of plugins that allow you to analyze memory, use the task manager, download manager to various memory synchronizers and remote access to files. In short, the ES Explorer Pro program is the most powerful tool for working with files.

ES Explorer Interface:

The application has been worked out in detail by designers and engineers working with interfaces, and therefore the application is convenient to use. The design is made in the style of Material Design, which allows you to comfortably use all the functions of the program. The most standard color is used that does not strain the eyes, and you simply do not notice it everything is done so that you perform your tasks without hassle. And with the version that is mixed on our site, you will not have ads and all functions will be open.

Menu-navigation - the program provides a convenient menu that you will find in the upper left corner. In the menu, you can use the search or perform various actions with files.

Desktop or first page – as soon as you enter the program, you will immediately see frequently used folders and recently opened files.

Features in ES Explorer Pro:

  • Viewing photos and videos in your own plugin (you do not need to additionally install a video player and photo viewing...);
  • The ability to create your own files of different formats;
  • Cleaning the internal disk from garbage, cache files and other temporary files;
  • It is possible to clear memory cards by SD type and so on.
  • Copying files from one location to another.
  • Has the ability to view the archive files rar, zip and unzip to the folder you specified.

Actually, the most basic functions, as you might have noticed, are:

  1. Viewing files on the device;
  2. Search for files;
  3. Audio Player;
  4. Video Player;
  5. Text Editor;
  6. The archiver.

All the functions provided by the ES Explorer program on Android are made for people and therefore the user will not have any problems with using the program once. Even the most inexperienced user will be able to control the application, which works in semi-automatic mode. This program is chosen by millions of users around the world. To download the program, you can use the links below, unfortunately, there are no applications of this program on the off site.