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  • Updated: 4-05-2023, 12:43
  • Android Version: 5.0
  • Current version: 8.6.1
  • Link to Google Play: open

No Humanity is a rather unusual and at the same time very complex arcade game with elements of a logical puzzle that will appeal to all fans of true hardcore. In this arcade, the player will have to find himself inside a kind of system in which it is necessary to survive in aggressive environmental conditions. For fans, the developers made an exciting plot, excellent diverse gameplay, embellished everything with original design in a minimalist style and implemented convenient controls.


The game has a small background, which is aimed at explaining some game details to players. Well, for this, so that it is easier for users to understand the essence of everything that is happening in the game. Under the control of the player, a flying saucer is given, which for some unknown reason was in a very difficult situation. The crew died suddenly under unclear circumstances. The only astronaut managed to survive, he is the main character. Very soon it will become clear to him that all kinds of surrounding breakdowns are only a small fraction of the problems that he will have to face. Unknown creatures have announced a hunt for him and are now trying in every possible way to kill him. You need to help the hero survive and restore the ship to return home.


The gameplay is in arcade format with the mechanics of a logical puzzle. It should be noted right away that players are waiting for a very difficult, even hardcore gameplay. Under control, a small flying saucer with the only surviving astronaut on board is given. The main task is to deftly dodge enemy ships, maneuvering between them due to swipes and driving your finger on the screen.

The main difficulty is that the main character cannot harm his opponents, but he can be destroyed by everyone who meets on the way. Another difficulty is that you will never know how the enemy will behave next second. The actions of enemies are chaotic, so the user needs to be extremely attentive and fast in their actions. At first, you will not be able to hold out at the location for a few seconds. However, as the game plays, survival time will increase, which will affect the overall result. Even a millisecond delay will cost an astronaut's life, so always be prepared


  • one of the most complex minimalist arcade puzzles;
  • the ability to quickly pump attentiveness, reaction, dexterity;
  • dynamic endless gameplay with a constant change of scenery.
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No Humanity - The Most Difficult Game
No Humanity - The Most Difficult Game

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