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  • Updated: 6-05-2023, 12:37
  • Android Version: 5.0
  • Current version: 1.09
  • Link to Google Play: open

The Room is the most exciting puzzle with a view from the 1st person, which will drag on from the first minutes and will not let go until the end of the passage. The game was developed by Fireproof Studios, considered the best developer in the field of mystical puzzles from the 1st person. This game project will appeal to everyone who likes complex puzzles and interesting logical quests. The game will delight users with pleasant, measured gameplay, an original storyline and colorful console-level graphics.


The game has a storyline, but it is made only to understand what is happening. The player acts as a participant in a kind of experiment, the essence of which is to pass several dozen difficult logical tests. These tests are needed to test some of the skills and discover the abilities of the protagonist, so that in the future he can complete a number of more difficult government tasks. The game will literally make the player break his head over solving certain tasks. To solve all puzzles, the player will have to turn on 100, or even 200 percent, logical thinking, be extremely attentive and observational.


The gameplay is made in the format of a logical puzzle with the mechanics of a quest from the 1st person. The player takes control of an unnamed character and begins to pass peculiar levels. Each level is a separate room, stuffed with various kinds of puzzles. First, you need to thoroughly explore the room. Each has a box, inside which is a fixture, having received which the player will be able to leave the level. However, to get to this device, you need to solve a lot of problems of high complexity. The main goal is to explore the room, find the necessary items, use them correctly, get the key and leave the level.

The player must immediately prepare for a difficult trip, since each room, each level is a very difficult, you can even say a hardcore test to test the different skills of the character. Each item at the level has its own purpose. The player will have to break his head to understand this purpose and find where to use this or that object correctly.


  • difficult puzzles for pumping logical thinking and ingenuity of the user;
  • qualitative animations of moving mechanisms;
  • developed sound accompaniment - button clacking, metal clanging, and so on;
  • simple mechanics of control and interaction with the environment.
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The Room
The Room

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