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  • Updated: 17-05-2023, 18:32
  • Android Version: 6.0
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Farlight 84 is a dynamic action game with exciting gameplay, the events of which will take players to the near 2084, where they will take part in exciting battles. Users will be transported to a world where a global war has devastated the planet's lands. Those who managed to survive are forced to fight for their existence every day. Only by uniting can they claim a future together. The game will give the player an interesting many hours of gameplay with epic multiplayer battles, excellent graphic design and simple control.


The plot campaign tells about the near future, in which a large-scale world tragedy occurred, devastating the lands of the planet Earth. A global war has begun over the remnants of resources and territories fit for life. First a natural disaster, and later a world war killed billions of people across the planet. Several million people who now live in isolated cities managed to survive. They are trying to establish everyday life and preserve a kind of civilization. The player will become one of these settlers, and will take part in the construction of a new world and battles for precious resources so necessary for survival.


The gameplay is made in the format of a dynamic action from the 1st and 3rd person, where players will have to participate in epic multiplayer battles in small locations. Before starting each fight, the player can choose one of the six available characters. Each hero has his own appearance and skill set. Before the battle, each hero must be equipped with weapons and useful items. The game has a fairly impressive weapons arsenal, so there is something to shoot from. After that, you can go to the battlefield, where two teams participate in the battle. In addition to standard infantry, combat vehicles, tanks, armored vehicles, and so on can participate in battles.

It should also be borne in mind that each player is given a jetpack, which can be used to quickly move around the location. This makes the gameplay even more dynamic and interesting.

Basically, the gameplay takes place with a view from the 3rd person, but in some cases you can switch to the first person.


  • epic battles with other players at different locations;
  • dynamic shootings using different techniques;
  • six unique characters with different skills;
  • a modern weapons arsenal.
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Farlight 84
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Farlight 84

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