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  • Updated: 17-05-2023, 18:32
  • Android Version: 5.0
  • Current version: 20.1
  • Link to Google Play: open

Train Conductor World is an exciting simulator with colorful design and the mechanics of a kind of puzzle, where the authors tried to implement an unusual idea. The player will have to feel like a kind of driver, under whose leadership there will be several trains at the same time, the movement of which he will have to control. The task is to correctly arrange the routes and direct the entrusted trains along their routes in order to avoid a possible collision.


There is no full-fledged plot in the game. Tie tells about an unnamed character who works as a driver in a small railway company. It so happened that he would have to take control of several trains, which, for unknown reasons, ended up at the same interchange. The main character needs to build train routes so that each of them gets its direction and successfully goes to his station. Thus, the driver will prevent possible accidents and thereby save the money of his company.


The gameplay is made in the format of the original driver simulator with puzzle elements. In this simulator, the player will be in the role of a driver, who was given control of several trains located at the same interchange. The driver needs to direct each train in its own direction along a certain route, thereby preventing an accident and fulfilling the task.

The gameplay is divided into many interesting levels that generally recreate a huge world. At each stage, the player needs to complete the same task - to build a route for each train. The complexity of the levels is gradually increasing. During the passage of the levels, the player will be engaged in the transportation of goods and passengers.

Each level has several trains and routes. For each of them, a certain route is intended so that in the end they successfully arrive at their stations. The main difficulty is that you can only control all trains at the same time, starting, stopping, directing them. Based on this, you need to figure out how to create safe routes for each train.


  • an excellent logical simulator, developing mindfulness, logical and spatial thinking;
  • colorful graphic design in a drawn style;
  • a very user-friendly interface and simple control;
  • there is a built-in editor for creating your own routes.
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Train Conductor World
Train Conductor World

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