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  • Updated: 17-05-2023, 18:31
  • Android Version: 8.0
  • Current version: 8.6.8
  • Link to Google Play: open

Viking Village is an exciting strategy game in real time, where the player will have to get used to the role of the ruler of a small Viking village. The main task is to build, learn how to manage and develop a settlement before the empire. The game is completely autonomous, that is, without the need to have an Internet connection to play a party or two. The project will delight the player with high-quality low-polygonal design, various unique mechanics, good sound accompaniment and simple control.


The game has a small plot string that tells about a group of Vikings trying to establish a settlement and develop it into a large-scale empire. Like any other tribe, they occupy a small area that they will cultivate, cultivate, grow resources on it, as well as hunt game and protect it from the encroachment of various enemies.


The game is an RTS, that is, a real-time strategy with elements of the "fortress defense" genre. Throughout the gameplay, the player will have to deal with many different actions that are usually present in the classic strategy. That is, it will be necessary to extract resources, equip the territory, build protective structures against enemy raids, form armed groups to attack enemy settlements, deal with diplomatic issues, establish interaction with other settlements, and so on.

The events of the game develop on several maps. Maps are generated randomly after pre-Customizing. So the player each time will receive a completely new game experience, which will help him to gain skills and more effectively manage the created settlement.

The game has several completely different modes with its own features - Rogue Lite, Tower Rush and others. In each of them, interesting mechanics await the player. For example, in one of the modes, the player's settlement will be attacked continuously for 20 days. There is also multiplayer where you can fight a real player in 1-on-1 format.


  • a simple idea;
  • exciting gameplay for lovers of RTS and Tower Defense;
  • several unique modes with their mechanics;
  • nice low-polygonal graphics with good drawing;
  • simple control due to taps;
  • many different types of units to ensure the defense capability of the settlement.
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Viking Village
Viking Village

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