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  • Updated: 19-05-2023, 10:18
  • Android Version: 5.0
  • Current version: 1.0
  • Link to Google Play: open

Fake Future is a futuristic action-adventure game with elements of an arcade platformer and survival simulator, in which users have to move to the near future to fight against the creations of artificial intelligence, try to destroy them and thus save the planet from enslavement by glanders with brains. The game received good pixel graphics, futuristic setting, simple controls and good soundtrack.


The near future. Dystopian universe. A world where artificial intelligence rules. Huge machines have learned to create intelligent robots, which eventually became known as Cyberoids. These creatures were to become assistants to mankind in order to jointly restore the Earth, which dies after numerous wars and natural disasters. However, for some reason, people saw a threat in robots, and tried to destroy them. After many centuries, the Cyberoids intend to return to Earth in order, despite past events, to again help humanity in the threat approaching them, and humanity will once again try to destroy them.


The gameplay combines the mechanics of several popular genres - action, platformer, arcade and survival simulator. Each of the genres brings something different to the gameplay. The basis of the gameplay is survival in a high-tech world, immersed headlong in the world of science and modern capacities. The player must create his own survival story, choosing on whose side he would like to fight and whose flags to protect - robots or humanity.

The player will be one of the survivors in the ruins of a ruthless environment, where the danger lurks at every step. To survive in this crazy world, he will have to learn to extract resources and use all the skills to the fullest, because at every turn he will face a new challenge to the wasteland. The gameplay offers a huge range of tasks and goals that must be completed to move forward and complete the main mission. The game provides almost complete freedom of action and only the development of the story story will depend on the player.


  • combining several mechanics;
  • original futuristic setting with "cyberpunk" styling;
  • endless combinations of developmental pathways;
  • a "living" world with its own interests and features;
  • the gameplay is based solely on the player's decisions.
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Fake Future
Fake Future

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