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Already on May 26, a new patch will be released on smartphones for fans of the game, which will add three new characters, updated skins, skills and weapons.

Legend-of-Legends-Wild-Rift-1The company retains plans for monthly implementations of heroes, so they can be considered the most important innovation.


Orn is a horned, lava monster with a tank class. Its feature is the ability to create copies of items without buying in the store. It is not yet clear whether they will be temporary or with reduced characteristics. It will also make it possible to buy these tricks for the allies, although this will require reaching a certain level.


A huge bear, the manager of the storm and lightning. This is a warrior doing enormous damage to opponents through ability. And passivity increases the speed of strikes, increasing the magic damage to opponents.


The demonic General Swain will control a mob of minions who will first set the enemy, and then inflict powerful damage on him. The Ulta of Sweyn will turn him into a real demon who will suck life forces from neutral creatures, minions and enemies.

Legue-of-Legends-Wild-Rift-2Legend-of-Legends-Wild-Rift-2Vragov on the battlefield has also increased. To a handful of dragons stuffed another with the elements of ice. His killing of Allied magician baphnets to increase the speed of casting spells. In addition, the rivers and jungle freeze, increasing the speed of movement of the team that killed him.

Two new weapons will be added for shooters:

Bow Shield - When health decreases, a shield is activated around the character, which absorbs damage from enemies, as well as increases the damage done.

Collector - the gun will increase the percentage of critical attacks, as well as damage from them. For each assassination of the enemy character, the player will receive additional gold.

Recall that on May 26, the game will be updated, and the innovations will come into force.

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