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On May 19, the open beta test of the NFS: Mobile, which is most likely devoted to Asphalt and CarX, started. By supporting Wechat, anyone can join the test and appreciate the joint craft of EA and Tencnet.

nfs-mobile-1From the start, the player will not be left alone. Having created our own avatar and choosing a wheelbarrow, we are carefully introduced to the characters, controls and features. By the way, the control is quite convenient, moreover, it can be configured for yourself. But the turns on the track are quite difficult, and in order to fit into them perfectly, you need to take some skill.

nfs-mobile-2But still, the NFS computer series is more than one gameplay. Cool, swinging music accompanying a high-speed race is a small detail in the big picture, which made the game iconic. Everything has been preserved in the mobile version. Many testers noted that the muzon what is needed conveys the spirit of what is happening.

The graphic component does not stand out much against the same Ace Racer, but a pleasant addition is a change in weather conditions, as well as special effects in collision, braking and drift. Some users noticed a possible application for Pey2Vin, which is in the spirit of Electronic Arts.

nfs-mobile-3But even in this case, the developers worked with a bang. It would seem to refresh the gameplay with such a simple genre in which it is not clear what to change in order to stand out. The game, which is with bots, which is in multiplayer, retains its dynamics for several hours. And the control introduces into a slight delight.

A full release is definitely worth waiting for.

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