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  • Updated: 22-05-2023, 15:09
  • Android Version: 4.0
  • Current version: 1.4.11
  • Link to Google Play: open

Guns' n'Glory WW2 is a defensive action in the "tower defense" format in the setting of World War II. In this interesting game, gamers will have to participate in an epic battle, finding themselves on the fields of Adenne, where, having chosen one of the parties to the conflict, demonstrate their tactical and strategic talents. The game received exciting gameplay, excellent cartoon design, a player-friendly interface and simple controls.


The plot takes place in the midst of World War II. Winter. Somewhere on the Western Front. The main participants in the upcoming conflict are Germany and the United States. Relatively speaking, the player, together with his detachment, patrols the area entrusted to them, and at this time the enemy makes a radical decision to conduct an offensive operation. Wave after wave, they will attack your positions, hoping to crumble the front and move its line deep into your territory. For your part, you must mobilize troops, organize defense and fight back the enemy, without giving them the slightest chance to move forward.


The gameplay is made in the format of a strategy in the style of "protecting the fortress." Events unfold in the setting of World War II. The gameplay is divided into levels. At each level, you need to withstand several attacking waves, having previously organized an effective defense from the existing defenses. Before starting the game, the user must choose the side of the conflict - Germany or the United States. Depending on this choice, the player is given a certain set of protective structures and heroes.

At the beginning of the round, a limited number of troops are given. They must be placed in positions so that they effectively shoot the advancing enemy. By destroying opponents, the player will receive game currency, for which you can purchase new protective equipment or improve current ones. The strength and power of the enemy from level to level will grow, so improving the characteristics of the existing towers and heroes is a need for the success of the entire military operation.


  • two game factions with their own units and features;
  • several dozen different locations where fierce battles will unfold;
  • for each hero, a skill development system is implemented;
  • a variety of different items to gain additional advantages in combat;
  • nice cartoon picture.
Guns'n'Glory WW2

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