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  • Updated: 28-05-2023, 18:54
  • Android Version: 5.1
  • Current version: 24
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Short Life is an unusual platformer game with puzzle elements, where you need to help an unnamed character go a certain distance, bypassing a variety of traps and obstacles. The main character participates in a kind of experiment, during which he needs to learn how to quickly make decisions. In the game, you will find a unique passing mechanics, an interesting and unusual gameplay, pleasant graphic design and simple control.


There is no full-fledged story campaign in the game. According to a small background, the main role is an ordinary nameless person who agreed to participate in an unusual experiment. During the experiment, the main character must go through a path strewn with various kinds of traps and obstacles. The hero must learn to quickly make decisions in order to minimize the negative effect of these obstacles. Any mistake will lead to the death of the character, which, in turn, will send him to the very beginning of the level. Help the main character get to the end of the path, but remember that at any time there may be a problem that needs to be solved in a matter of seconds so that the hero can continue on.


The game was executed in the format of a logical platformer. The gameplay is divided into levels. The player controls a seemingly ordinary person who needs to go the distance at each level. In total, 60 unique levels await the character. Their peculiarity lies in filling. Each stage is filled with various kinds of dangers in the form of huge swinging pendulums, chasms, spikes, flying saws, pits with sticking out stakes, artillery guns and many other items. To get past all these dangers and get to the end, the hero needs to show a good reaction, excellent dexterity, be extremely attentive and focused. Another feature of the game is the mechanics of controlling the character. The game implements the physics of "regdoll," which is why the behavior of the hero is not always controlled. It will take some time to get used to such unusual mechanics.

Also in the game there is a system of skins, using which you can give your character brightness and personality.

Features of the game:

  • unusual gameplay;
  • unique hero control mechanics;
  • implemented physics "regdoll";
  • there are a variety of skins;
  • the ability to configure the management yourself;
  • nice two-dimensional picture.
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Short Life
Short Life

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