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  • Updated: 5-08-2023, 13:02
  • Android Version: 1.6
  • Current version: 1.4.111
  • Size: 23.75 Mb
  • Link to Google Play: open

Pou game for Android is a game for real connoisseurs of classics and for those who want to remember such a thing as Tamagotchi. This device was very popular in the late 90s, all children wanted Tamagotchi. The essence of this device was to grow your pet, for example, a dog, a cat, a dinosaur, and the like. So the game Pou for Android is the same, only in colors and you will take care of a kind of potato called Pou.

Pou game for Android

Of course, the possibilities of the new Pou game are much more extensive than Tamagotchi, now it's not the end of 90 and the technologies are not standing still. In the current Tamagotche Pou, you will be able to dress your pet in different ways, feed, clean up for Pou, buy new food and, of course, most importantly, play various mini-games, such as tennis, football and even in the likeness of the popular Doodle Jump at the time.

In addition to all sorts of pranks, your Pou may get sick and you will have to treat him, and if you overfeed Pou, he will become a real fat man. As previously mentioned in the Pou game, you will be able to buy various things, but in order to buy them, you must earn them during the gameplay.

The graphics in the game are excellent, which will appeal to both you and your children, in comparison with past devices, this is the best Tamagotchi of the 21st century on Android. Below on our website you can download two new versions of the game Pou, hacked for money or the original one.

Video review from youtube:
Pou game for Android
Pou game for Android

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