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  • Updated: 29-05-2023, 12:18
  • Android Version: 5.1
  • Current version: 8.9.2
  • Link to Google Play: open

Antistress relaxation toys - a huge collection of mini-games that provide users with the opportunity to relax after a difficult working day and just kill their free time. This application will help you switch your attention by playing one of the interesting mini-games in this collection. Here the user will find the most famous anti-presses recreated on subjects from real life.

What the game is about

This game project is a collection of small games, each of which is aimed at one thing - to help the user relax after a difficult weekday. Playing games from the collection, the player will be able to easily and effortlessly relieve stress by simply poking his finger on the screen. The collection features more than fifty unique mini-games, each with its own visual, sound effects and control mechanics. The developers of the project assure that each gamer will be able to find a mini-game that he will like.


Since this is a collection of small mini-games, each of them has its own mechanics. At the same time, all games have one task - to help the user relax and calmly spend their free time after a difficult working day. The collection contains more than 50 simulators with their own features. In the process, you can throw darts into different targets, move your fingers on the water, draw some simple pattern on a piece of paper or other surfaces, throw balls into bottles, fill glasses with water and immediately empty them, cross the switches, and so on. Each mini-game will help you blow off steam, free the anger that has settled inside in connection with certain events.

All presented games at first glance seem as useless and absurd as possible. However, starting to play, you will no longer be able to come off. Well, remember how nice it is to twist the spinner on your finger, break the bubbles on the only package that came from under some product, build a tower of stones or throw cubes. And you can also play the Newtonian pendulum or just watch lotuses in the pond. Whatever game you choose, the fullness of the sensations is guaranteed to you.

Features of the game:

  • more than 50 unique mini-games are presented for one purpose - to help the user relax;
  • uncomplicated gameplay of each of the games;
  • very simple finger control;
  • pleasant graphic design with detailed objects;
  • all games are categorized for convenience.
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Antistress relaxation toys
Antistress relaxation toys

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