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Постер Zombie Catchers Mod Money for Android

Zombie Catchers Mod Money for Android

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Requirements: Android 4.x
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Date: 13-09-2022


Meet Zombie Catchers a new action game that has won the trust of more than a million users around the world. The game is included in the top 10 best games of 2016.

The story of the game is that the Earth was subjected to an unknown virus, which turned zombies (the walking dead) from people – these are no longer people, but neither eat and bite each other, thereby infecting normal people.

But the Earth still has a chance to become a normal Planet. Two very successful businessmen (aliens) from another planet decided to open a store and catch all the zombies so that it was safe! It is for these brave freaks named AJ and Bud that you will have to play and hunt zombies!
In your arsenal there will be all sorts of traps for zombies, which you need to use using your resourcefulness and brains. A laboratory where you will torture the undead and use them for your own good purposes.

Among the features in the game, it is worth highlighting an interesting zombie hunt, a career mode in which you will open new territories, get new things to catch and expand your laboratory.

You can download the Zombie Catchers game for Android right now for free at the link below. Start playing right now to kick rotting asses as quickly as possible!

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  • Updated: 13-09-2022, 19:35 - v1.30.26

v1.30.23 - Привет ловцам зомби со всего мира, сегодня мы исправили много ошибок и выкатили обновления для игры.

1.30.17 - данное обновление включает в себя ряд исправлений для более стабильной работы.

v1.30.25 - Привет, ловцы зомби со всего мира - мы исправили много ошибок по вашем требованиям!

v1.30.26 - добавлен мод на деньги!

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