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  • Updated: 29-05-2023, 19:36
  • Android Version: 2.2

Gamekiller is a program that allows you to hack an Android game with money, crystals, coins, resources and the like. This is far from the first such program to be precise, then already the third.

Important: ROOT rights are required for the program to work. It won't work without root!

The principle of the program is that it looks for a certain value in the game and replaces it with the parameter specified by you.


  • Quickly searches.

  • Russian


  • Requires root rights;

  • Not all games break.

Program capability:

  • Search by value type, 1,2,4 bytes, floating;

  • Search with dash "-";

  • You can delay the game while it is down;

  • Choosing between open games, choosing the one we want to hack;

  • Instructions and assistance.

[spoiler = Hacking the official Game Killer version:]

[ol = 1]

  • Delete the data of the GK application;

  • In Lucky Patcher, click on the patch menu;

  • Press user patch, press;

  • All of you have a full version
  • [/spoiler]

    You can try the Gamekiller program on Android right now by downloading the file below.

    There is a video about how to use the program in detail.

    Video review from youtube:

    Download Gamekiller for free

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