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Download FNaF 5

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Requirements: Android 5
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Date: 19-12-2021


Five Nights at Freddy's: SL - Meet the new fifth part of the game from the series Five Nights with Freddy Bear (Sister Location).

In the 5th part, the game developers tried to keep the same unforgettable and terrible atmosphere that keeps you on pins and needles until the last. This time the action of the game will not unfold in the usual pizzeria where you act as a security guard, now you will go to an amusement park where you will have to move and be wary of the main enemy animatronics-clowness!

Of the features in the game Five Nights at Freddy's: SL (Sister Location) on Android it is worth highlighting all 5 parts from the PC version, mini-games and much more.

Download FNAF 5

To download the game and start playing on your device, you need to download FNAF 5 to your Android, then install the game and play. To download from the off site, follow the link and click the "install/ buy" button! Have a nice game in the best horror/horror at the moment.

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  • Updated: 19-12-2021, 01:44 - v2.0.1
Новая последняя версия v2.0.1:
fnaf_5-sl_v2_0_1.apk Вес: 3.58 Mb
Для игры требуется кэш:
Скачать с облака [308 MB]

v2.0.1 - улучшен звук, графика, экран опций + различные исправления и улучшения!