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Постер Shadow Fight 3 for Android

Shadow Fight 3 for Android

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Requirements: Android 4.x
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Date: 10-08-2021


The world of shadows does not stand still, and the developers delight us with the new third part of the game Shadow Fight 3 for Android phones. The war is not a tan, and you will already have to gather now to repel the evil force that broke out of the" Gate of Shadows " many years ago. Shadow energy attacked almost everything, although it is in some way a useful tool, but also a weapon. Not everyone likes it, including you as a player!

In the game, as a player, you will open a huge map "world" of shadows on which you will have to pass and become the greatest warrior of all time. This time you will have access to 3 game modes, each of which includes a certain weapon, but, as in the second part, you will have to experiment, learn new techniques, abilities to defeat your opponent.

So, in the game you will find a certain " Legion" — this is a kind of clan that will fight this force in all possible ways. But there is another side, and this is the " Dynasty", which in every possible way caters to the Shadow Energy. There is also a third party and this is the " Messengers" - a group of people who have learned to use Shadow Energy for the benefit of humanity.

As you can see, there are only three factions with their own views on Shadow Energy. Only you can choose who to play for, decide soon and play as soon as possible, and if something is not clear to you, then play the second part Shadow Fight 2 for Android to refresh your memory and feel the whole history of the game.

Shadow Fight 3 for Android

New technologies:
< p>In Shadow Fight 3 on Android, new technologies are waiting for you, namely three-dimensional graphics, realistic physics and smooth animation.

Features of the game and how to download Shadow Fight 3 for Android:

Among the features in the game, it is worth highlighting a stunning plot, in which there are three powerful factions fighting for power. Which one you choose, it's up to you! And also weapons, where without it. You will have so many weapons and armor that you can not even imagine.

  • A great fight from the genre of RPG games, RPG, fighting game, fight;
  • Everything related to fights is in this game;
  • Combining up to three types of combat;
  • The graphics are just great, look at the pictures;
  • Many types of weapons and character protection;
  • As always, a huge number of various techniques;
  • Weekly, unique events with their own prizes and bonuses.

In general, the game Shadow Fight 3 or in Russian "Shadow Fight 3" on an Android phone is a great fight that you can install on your device and play in your free time during recess, in the subway or in a queue. Download and install the game is very simple, just download the. apk file below the link and follow the instructions on the screen.

Bottom line, the game Shadow Fight 3 on Android deserves 5 points out of 5. No wonder we have been waiting for the new part for so long!

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  • Updated: 10-08-2021, 16:07 - v1.25.5

Версия 1.20.0 - завершение VII главы где вас ждут боссы, красивые локации и завершающая сюжетная часть. Также вам предстоит открыть новую сюжетную линию приобрести новую экипировку.

Изменения версии 1.24.1 - новые события, зимние праздники, новый сюжет трансформации, новая часть мира, исправлен код и ряд ошибок.

v1.25.5 - внесены многие технические улучшения и обновлены некоторые внутренние инструменты!

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