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Shadow Knight Premium

Category: Action #Tablet #Rus #Mod #Without cache
Requirements: Android 5
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Date: 28-11-2022


Hot sale, and we have a completely free game "Shadow Knight " on Android in the game you can get free items and unique skins to improve your unique character to fight enemies and become part of the legend of Shadow Legends.

The game Shadow Knight Premium includes mortal characters who used to live for themselves and did not grieve Zombies, Dwarves, Spirits, Elves and the likeness of a man, but once a tragedy occurred and everything plunged into darkness. The design and style of the game is very similar to Shadow Fight 2, which makes it even more attractive for shadow battle users in the world!

To save the world from the shadow war, you came as a Shadow Knight to defeat the darkness once and for all and return light and harmony to the world. Will you be able to achieve this?

Features in the game:
  • A real RPG game with a sense of action;
  • Fantastic story;
  • A huge number of missions and more than 100 achievements;

Download Shadow Knight Premium

As always, you can download the game for free from our website without thinking about money, you can also buy the game on the official website, but no one does that. To download the game right now, just use the block below with links to the Shadow Knight game and download the .apk file to your phone and then install.

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  • Updated: Today, 01:36 - v3.2.202

v1.13.6 - новые костюмы, исправлены ошибки, мод способностей который позволяет превосходить соперников!

v1.22.65 - исправлено отображение Магазина Арены.

v1.25.8 - добавлен режим бога и множитель урона!

v1.26.18 - нова версия, взлом!

v1.27.3 - исправлены все заявленные ошибки!

v1.27.6 - обновленная версия игры!

v3.2.202 - новый герой Лунный Апостол, новая сюжетная линия, ежедневные задания, новые предметы в магазине + мод платная версия, бесплатно!