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Постер Hill Climb Racing Mod for Android

Hill Climb Racing Mod for Android

Category: Races #For a tablet #In Russian #Hacked games #Without cache
Requirements: Android 2.2
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Date: 19-12-2021


Very addictive Hill Climb Racing game for Android! This game is a kind of driving simulator and it attracts far from super cool graphics, but gameplay and simple intuitive controls.

Hill Climb Racing Mod for Android

The game immerses you in an outrageously simple world, but very bright and clear where you become an ambitious Newton Bill racer. You are a tower-less driver who decides on new feats that no one has done, namely, to conquer various mountains on his transport, where no human foot has set foot. And contrary to all the laws of physics, Newton Bill will not rest until it reaches all the heights!

So the game Hill Climb Racing is a race in which you have to get to the top of the mountain and overcome all the obstacles on one tank of gasoline. During the race, you will collect coins that you will need in the future to improve the car.

Download hacking Hill Climb Racing

Of the features in the game, it is worth highlighting a huge range of vehicles, there are both bicycles with motorcycles and jeeps with tanks. Also in the game you will be pleased with the tuning of the car, thanks to which it will be easier for you to pass the levels.

From all of the above, we recommend that you download Hill Climb Racing to your Android device and appreciate all the charms of this game in action.

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  • Updated: 19-12-2021, 18:31 - v1.53.0
Мод, много денег и машин 1.53.0:
hill-climb-racing_v1_53_0_mod_babki.apk Вес: 60.53 Mb
Новая версия 1.53.0:
hill-climb-racing_v1_53_0.apk Вес: 61.76 Mb

1.48.1 - Добавлены новые уровни, в там числе "Трясина", новый перевод и исправлены ошибки!

Версия v1.50.0 - взломанная версия, исправлено много ошибок, добавлено много новых уровней.

1.53.0 - исправлены ошибки, новая тачка FAST CAR и другое.