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Постер Brawl Stars (hacked) for Android

Brawl Stars (hacked) for Android

Category: Action games #For a tablet #In Russian #Without cache
Requirements: Android 4.x
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Date: 19-09-2022


Brawl Stars is a multiplayer leader of mobile action games for Android, in which you will be waiting for survival battles with the participation of six players in a team of three participants, in a word, a 3-minute fight 3 on 3. Open new participants as you progress through the game and learn new abilities, as well as use star powers and gadgets. To stand out in front of other players, you can start collecting so-called skins that can be applied to your character.

Brawl Stars Game Modes (7 pieces):

The game has as many as 7 game modes for a change:

Collect crystals – together with your team, you must crush the enemy 3 by 3 and take 10 crystals.

Clash is the craziest mode where you have to pump up your character and squeeze in an incredible battle alone or with a friend if you invite.

Brolball – a new mode with elements of football, yes, you can play football!

Catch if you can - a mode in which you have to wait for the enemy to take all the stars from him.

Robbery is a 3-on-3 game in which you have to capture the enemy's base and crack their safe, but you also have to protect your safe.

Event mode is the mode in which you will play for a while PvE with a computer or PvP battle with other players from the Internet.

Championships – a special mode only for the best Brawl Stars players in which you can open the door to the world of esports!

Main goals of Brawl Stars:

Constant pumping and improving your character will lead you to incredible super-abilities that you can use against your enemies, and star powers and gadgets will help you with this. Brawl Pass which will allow you to speed up the process of increasing your level just open the boxes and earn crystals.

Competitions in the game Brawl Stars:

Every day you can compete with the whole world who plays this game and become the best in the rating table, win the first place for yourself and prove everything that you are the coolest player so that everyone is jealous.

Features in the game Brawl Stars:

  • Real-time 3-on-3 combat with other players;
  • Dynamic graphics and special effects created specifically for the mobile platform;
  • Each character has its own unique ability and attack technique;
  • Play alone, with friends or players from all over the world;
  • The creators of the game are developers of such games as Clash Royale, Clash of Clans and Boom Beach!

Bottom line, Bravl Stars game for Android 2021 the latest version this action game in which you can play with 10+ years, and it will not bother you like most of these. Even an adult can install the game and play it for himself without strain. To download the game, just follow the links below or download it from the app store.

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  • Updated: 19-09-2022, 19:36 - v45.225

Версия v36.270 - добавлена последняя взломанная версия в которую можно играть на приватном сервере!

v37.238 - добавлен новый боец, 70 уровней, уникальный скин и многое другое в том числе улучшена оптимизация и исправлены ошибки!

v37.250 - новая версия с крутыми изменениями с которыми вы можете ознакомиться в игре!

v38.159 - Новый 8-ми битный скин и Мег можно найти в ящиках.

v39.134 - Хеллоуин, новые скины и модификации.

v40.179 - Объединяйтесь в клубы по 30 игроков! Новое снаряжения. Исправление ошибок.

v41.150 - новые бойцы, новые уровни, новый сезон и многое другое уже в игре!

v43.248 - новый боец Бонни, пушка Клайд, новые квесты и многое другое. Также обновлена карта и улучшено качество жизни!

v45.198 - добавлен супер взломанный мод и приватный сервер!

v45.225 - новая версия + мод с приватным сервером и деньгами!

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