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Постер Call of Duty: Mobile for Android

Call of Duty: Mobile for Android

Category: Action games #Survival #For a tablet #In Russian
Requirements: Android 4.x
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Date: 21-11-2021


Call of Duty – the long-awaited release of the popular first-person shooter now on Android. Now you can play your favorite game not only on your computer, but also on your phone. Play in your favorite locations, anywhere and anytime. Arrange 5 - on-5 team competitions or participate in a royal battle for 100 players! We also advise you to check out the new survival mode against zombies and a sniper duel.

In the game "COD" you can configure the control as you like, control the voice in the chat and much more. You are waiting for incredible sound effects and stunning graphics no worse than a computer.

  • Maps: Call of Duty, Black Ops, Call of Duty, Modern Warfare.
  • Survival mode, where you can play with friends.
  • Battle mode for 100 people

Playing " Call of Dutti" on your phone, you will get access to a wide variety of Persians, costumes, weapons and other equipment. You can add all this to your equipment set. What swings modes are also present such as: each for himself, the front line, find and destroy and the above.

Bottom line, the Call of Duty game on Android is what so many have been waiting for, download the game right now and start winning the top lines of the ratings.

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  • Updated: 21-11-2021, 08:36 - v1.0.29

Добавлено много нового в том числе дополнение CoD: Mobile: "Зимняя война". Мясорубка на карте Russian Nuketown и многое другое!

v1.0.26 - Новая последняя версия в которую добавлено много нового!

v1.0.29 - новый 10 сезон в котором вы можете получить штурмовую винтовку LK24, а также вам предстоит отыскать агента Стэнсфилда на новой сетевой карте. Исправлены все ошибки!