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  • Updated: 6-08-2023, 20:52
  • Android Version: 2.2

One of the most popular game genres, on most modern platforms, is certainly first-person shooters. But what if you want to shoot on your younger device: a tablet or smartphone for Android? There is only one answer - to install Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus and start scorching all the suppositories that will meet you on the way.

Despite the fact that the game is not a continuation of the first part, it fits well with the entire Modern Combat franchise. In addition, the game features two modes: single and multiplayer. So you can not only go through the campaign, but also play full-fledged multiplayer shooting at work, study, metro, etc.

The first thing that catches your eye, after setting the game, is certainly graphics. She is simply delightful. I can't even believe that you are playing on a mobile device. After all, a few years ago, such graphics were considered quite advanced in all popular FPS for computers and consoles. Detail at the level, textures delight the eyes, and the movements of characters and bots do not seem absurd and strange.

In single-user mode, you must complete a campaign consisting of 12 zones. They are located in the Middle East, Eastern Europe and among South America. Types of weapons 15. There are grenades, pistols, assault rifles, snipers and knives, in general, all that you need in such a game. Everything is quite realistic, the cartridges are running out, the number of weapons that can be carried away is just as limited. Interestingly, uniforms can be found, selected and pumped along the way. Which adds a certain role component. The control is quite convenient, so the game will definitely drag on for long hours of the campaign.

But the most interesting thing about such a toy, of course, is the multiplayer mode. There are two options to choose from: play with friends on the local network or compete with gamers from all over the world. There is one limitation for a local game - only ten people can play at a time.

There are several types of multiplayer game. Among them are the capture of the flag, all against everyone and a team battle. What's particularly nice is the decent number of locations. For each battle, you can choose your own terrain, in the style of the same missions from a single-player campaign. Naturally, there are role-playing elements in multiplayer mode. Therefore, for every successful murder you will get experience. Headshots are especially appreciated here.

Well, it is worth noting that the game at Gameloft was a success. Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus on Android is a truly noteworthy first-person shooter. Fans of the genre, installation is mandatory.

Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus

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