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  • Updated: 6-08-2023, 20:52
  • Android Version: 2.0
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All fans of the FPS genre have probably already heard about Gameloft's Modern Combat series of games on mobile devices. All games are a first-person shooter with very realistic graphics and exciting battles. The third installment of the franchise, Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation, deserves special attention. After all, starting with it, the games of the series have become much better and more interesting.

The third game in the series takes place during WWIII. If you play a campaign, you will fight for American troops and resist the attack of Korean terrorists, bad Russians and bearded Pakistanis. The plot is quite linear, although there are some branches. In the course of the passage, you can hear the dialogs of the command, see short inserts, etc. There are many locations in the company and all of them have been worked out in detail. You can fight among American skyscrapers, warehouses, factories, all kinds of stations and ruins.

Weapons, as always, are diverse, but quite standard for games of this genre: grenades, knives, pistols, machine guns and rifles. In the new version, pumping really affects the effectiveness of weapons. Therefore, during the course of the campaign, do not neglect the modernization of your metal toys to mercilessly kill enemies.

You can pump your weapons and uniforms, as well as replenish ammunition, after completing each mission. And all due to the fact that the player's statistics improve for successful kills and high promotion speed.

Now about the most interesting - about the multiplayer mode in the game. As always, gamers, holding their breath, are waiting for online battles with live rivals. Multiplayer can be played both over the local network and over the Internet with players from all over the world. The maximum number of people playing at the same time is 12. Maps for battles - 5. But there are noticeably more modes than in the previous parts. There are as many as seven available to choose from: kzs, team combat, flag capture, hunting, zone control, destruction and bomb. All modes are good in their own way, but there is certainly a place to roam here. Currency is present in the game, but in the campaign and multiplayer mode it is saved separately. With its help, you can pump your guns and earn experience points faster.

If you want to shoot and at the same time always have a first-person shooter in your pocket, then install Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation on Android, you will definitely not regret it. Beautiful graphics, high-quality voice acting and an interesting plot - all included. Games in the series are rightfully considered leaders among FPS for mobile devices.

Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation

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