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Постер Modern Combat 5 for Android

Modern Combat 5 for Android

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Requirements: Android 4.x
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Date: 02-08-2021

Do you like to play shooters, shoot enemies and participate in multiplayer battles? In this case, you have probably already heard about the games from the Modern Combat series on Android. They clearly set the pace for similar FPS on mobile platforms. The game Modern Combat 5: Eclipse is the fifth part in the series and, perhaps, the most advanced.

Modern Combat 5 for Android

The player is given a choice: to pass a single-player campaign or to play with other players online in multiplayer mode. It should be noted immediately that these two modes interact with each other. So, all your achievements, weapons and skills obtained during the passage of missions will be present in multiplayer. A similar story and the opposite side.

The first thing that meets the player after a variety of screensavers is the character's screen. With its help, you can not only watch your achievements, but also chat with friends, configure game parameters, etc. There are four classes of characters in the game: stormtrooper, paratrooper, sniper scouts. They have in their arsenal various types and types of weapons, as well as each of them has unique skills and abilities. It is them that you will have to pump as you progress through the game.

The opportunity to improve not only the characters, but also the weapons turned out to be convenient. Such an upgrade includes replacing the barrel, installing a capacious magazine or an accurate sight. In total, the game turns out more than 25 firearms and grenades.

The single-player mode consists of missions and is a fairly classic campaign. Quite a variety of locations, tasks, missions on land and on water — all this is present in the fifth part. It is quite convenient and interesting to play, especially when there is a small amount of free time, for example, during breaks between work, study, etc.

You can play in multiplayer mode both with random players and with members of your squad. You can create it yourself, or join another player's squad. There are 5 multiplayer modes: free play, VIP, squad battle, capture the flag and team battle. As always, you are required to have a reaction speed, the ability to work in a team and accurately deal with enemies.

As for the control, it is more suitable than ever for playing on a tablet or smartphone. Moreover, you can choose one of the three options that will seem more convenient to you. The only difficulty will be multiplayer. Since it cannot include auto-aiming and shooting assistance as in the campaign. Therefore, you will have to train your fingers diligently, or connect a gamepad to a mobile device.

Modern Combat 5: Eclipse on Android is a must-have toy for all fans of combat shooters like Counter Strike, Call of Duty and Warface. Of course, the mobile version is still far from the older brothers, but it is an absolute hit on this platform. So it's worth playing it.