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Постер Real Opera City for Android

Real Opera City for Android

Category: Simulators #For a tablet #In Russian #Without cache
Requirements: Android 4.x
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Date: 17-12-2021


Real Opera City is a new opera game where you can choose a Russian car prior, five or seven and even four. In the game you can ride and turn on the police siren, as well as fly endlessly in textures. A new attractive menu, ESPO gas station, car selection and all sorts of improvements have been added to the game.


Of the features in the game, it is worth highlighting the normal graphics, realistic sound and everything, for the demo version is normal. You can download the Real Opera City game now for free from the app store website or follow the links below.

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  • Updated: 18-12-2021, 06:52 - v1.3.5
Новая версия v1.3.5:
real-oper-city_v1_3_5.apk Вес: 83.35 Mb

v1.3.5 - добавлено новое меню, время года - снег, зима. Новые звуки и музыка, а также исправлены ошибки.