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SimCity Build It (hacking, a lot of money) for Android

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Requirements: Android 4.x
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Date: 24-01-2022


SimCity BuildIt is a new game that has become a bestseller on the mobile game market. In the game you will play as the mayor of a megalopolis that you will have to build. Construction should start now and build only high-quality houses, do not forget about the residents of the city and do everything to make them comfortable to live, and for this you need to build schools, kindergartens and of course grocery stores.

Features in the game SimCity BuildIt:

Live City - make your city as alive as possible – this means that you have to build parks, plant trees, build bridges and artificial ponds.

Stylish apartments – you can not only build skyscrapers, but also give free rein to your imagination and build houses in Chinese, Japanese, Parisian style.

Protection of the city – you must take care of your metropolis because there are other mayors who will want to take everything away from you.

In general, the game SimCity Build for Android is an excellent strategic simulator game about construction that you can download for free from our website or the app store. Have a successful construction of your own city!

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  • Updated: 24-01-2022, 23:07 - v1.40.1.102423

v1.40.1.102423 - на этот раз играть вы будете на Севере! Верните утраченное и воссоздайте финские ландшафты!