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Ninja Hands for Android

Category: Action games #For a tablet #Without cache
Requirements: Android 5
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Date: 06-08-2021


Ninja Hands - a new exciting first-person action game about a ninja and this is not for you " Fruit Ninja" where you cut fruit here everything is serous and you need to wet the bad guys!

The story of the game begins with the fact that your girlfriend and her girlfriends were kidnapped by bad ninja guys from the Japanese mafia and now you are very angry and decided to destroy the kidnappers to save your girlfriend and her friends. On the way to victory, you will have many obstacles, and to overcome them you need to use all the power of the "ninja hands" and you will definitely succeed!

Features in the game Ninja Hands:

  • Not loaded graphics;
  • Very nice gameplay and interface;
  • Cool sound effects and music in general.

Bottom line, the game Ninja Hands on Android is a great game for children from 10 years old and above, which you can play on a positive all your free day. You can download the game, as always, using the links in a special block.