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The Ghost - Co-op Survival Horror Game for Android

Category: Action games #For a tablet #Without cache
Requirements: Android 4.x
Views: 571
Date: 12-08-2021


The Ghost - Co-op Survival Horror Game: a new action game for Android with two fantastic stories of creating a game in which you should immerse yourself and feel all the horror that happens to the main characters.

Hospital - In the game you are a patient of a private hospital in New Wishley, for two whole weeks you have been treated together with your friends for coronavirus and the day has come when it's time to be discharged since the disease has receded, but that's not the task at night you woke up and found that the clinic is empty and only you and your friends are left, what to do? In search of the reason for what happened, are you trying to understand what happened from the log entries? And you understand that ghosts live in the hospital and now everyone is for himself. Your task is to escape from the hospital to find black exits or a garage from which you can get out on the street before it's too late and the ghost has not taken your soul!

School – another story about two sisters who lived in a small house on the outskirts of the city and it was common for them to go to the cemetery on a weekend, only this time one of the sisters decided to stay at home and she stayed, looked out the window and saw a monster that was sneaking after her sister. On the following morning, when her sister did not return, she ran to the school for help, but then the doors close in front of her nose and she is left alone on the school grounds, but soon she finds students who are fighting for their lives, do not stay alone!

You can play the game for up to 5 people to download The Ghost-Co-op Survival Horror Game for Android, just follow the links below!