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Geometry Dash Mod Menu for Android

Category: Arcades #For a tablet #In Russian #Hacked games #Without cache
Requirements: Android 4.x
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Date: 06-09-2022


Geometry Dash Mod Menu is a game in which you will control a crazy square on levels that also represent geometric shapes. The game is very complex and designed for patient players. By itself, Geometry Dash is a platformer with two-dimensional graphics on board. The main and main task in the game is to reach the finish line overcoming geometric projections and other obstacles.

The game attracts with its design here they tried their best and performed the game in the style of 80-90 years which gives a certain classic charm and takes us back 35 years!

The game also attracts attention by the fact that it is very difficult and it is worth making the slightest mistake, as you will immediately start the game again, so it is not recommended to play the game for nervous people. Don't just waste your nerves. And if you are a persistent player and will not give up until you reach the finish line, then the Geometry Dash game for Android is for you!

A special mod has been released especially for impatient players that allows you to:

  • Get diamonds, keys, balls, stars;
  • Have an unlimited number of coins;
  • Use all skins.


Also in the game, you can open all the levels at once thanks to a specially designed mod, where all paid levels are open, and you can look into the future without going through the game manually.

How to play Geometry Dash:

Playing the game is both difficult and not after loading the level, you only need to control the square character by tapping on the screen of your smartphone, the square will move forward by itself. As you probably already guessed, the main task is to somehow jump and overcome obstacles on your way, jumps need to be correctly calculated otherwise you will crash, and the game will start all over again. It is for this reason that the mod menu for the game is so popular, because it gives unspecified opportunities.

If you decided to download the game Geometry Dash with Cheat Menu on Android, then go to the corresponding block with APK files to install on your phone. If you want to purchase the game, then you can do it on the official Google Play website!

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  • Updated: 27-09-2022, 22:01 - v2.2.11, Full, Lite, Мод, ПК, Музыка

22.08.2021 - добавлена полная версия игры Full для телефона, планшета!

01.09.2021 - добавлена версия для компьютеров и ссылка онлайн игру!

11.10.2021 - "ГД" добавлена для всех платформ!

17.10.2021 - Добавлена музыка из игры!

14.11.2021 - По просьбе пользователей добавлена легкая "Lite" версия игры Geometry Dash! А также обновлены ссылки!

23.11.2021 - Добавлена новая лайт v2.2 версия которая занимает лидирующий позиции в топ сложных играх на Андроид, а также добавлен МОД к Lite версии

13.12.2021 - Добавлен редактор, который позволяет создавать собственные уровни и в целом игру ГД - GDPS Editor

v2.21 - по прежнему самая популярная и сложная головоломка в мире!

v2.2.11 - Добавлена новая электродинамика, новый демонический уровень, новая сила шестиугольника и исправлены все ошибки!

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