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Captain TNT for Android

Category: Simulators #For a tablet #Hacked games
Requirements: Android 4.x
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Date: 17-08-2021


Captain TNT – a game in which you will destroy buildings! This is a super-cool game where you need to install explosives to blow up a particular building for demolition! The amount of explosives for the demolition of this building is limited and therefore you must be extremely accurate in your calculations to demolish the building in a couple of explosions.

The control of the game is so simple that one finger is enough to perform actions in the game! Move your finger to select the location of the bomb, click to install and activate the detonator! See how everything will fly to shreds!

Features in the game Captain TNT:

  • Beautiful graphics and physical destruction;
  • Availability of detonators for the explosion;
  • There are a lot of buildings under demolition, you will not stay idle.

In the game, you represent a demolition company, and you, as the boss, must develop it and therefore take orders to fulfill and receive rewards, as well as open new locations.

You can download the game for free both from the off app store and from our website without ads, a hacked apk file!