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  • Updated: 12-05-2023, 11:24
  • Android Version: 5.1+
  • Russian language: Есть
  • Current version: 5.2.1
  • Link to Google Play: open

Soul Knight Hacking   (English Soul Knight) - the world is in danger, the magic stone was stolen by thieves from outer space and only the main player will be able to return it and who do you think will become it? Fucking aliens, in a word, have spoiled the glory of humanity and put the world in the most severe danger of all time! The stone that supported stability has been lost, the fate of the world is on the edge of a cliff and only you can return the stone and prevent the apocalypse.

Features in the game Soul Knight Hacking:

  • A huge number of weapons (there are more than 250 units);
  • Each character has its own unique abilities;
  • Each new level is generated automatically, which gives a new unique game every time.

I know that you probably dreamed of such a game in which you will always be able to take a break from everyday life and the game "Soul Knight" is a vivid example of that! At any time, you can go to explore the dungeons, collect unrealistically cool weapons, fight and dodge bullets with an incredible hand reaction!


How to play Soul Knight?

It is quite simple to play the game and every player will be able to understand the controls. Intuitive control, as they say, which anyone over 10 years old can master, but automatic aiming of weapons at the enemy makes life easier "noob" in the world of mobile games on the phone.

Bottom line, this game is exactly what you are driving in the screenshots and videos! Explosive action game with a top view of Soul Knight on Android! There is both the original version and the hacked one with the cheat menu, for more information in the downloads block.

Video review from youtube:
Soul Knight for Android
Soul Knight for Android

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